In this video Marie is kicking her feet back-and-forth, something she could not do until the Fellowship supplied her with special braces ! (She took them off here to demonstrate her ability to move her legs while seated).

Your donations are what make it possible for the Fellowship to help indigenous young people like Marie and so many others. Thanks!

Good News on Marie

The Fellowship is working right now on getting Marie the braces and other medical aids she needs. However, there is more to life than just meeting physical needs. There are social and cultural ones as well. Like most indigenous girls in Mexico, one of Marie's dearest wishes in life has been to have her quinceañera or 15th  birthday celebration in much the same fashion as other 15 year old girls do in Mexico. Thanks to the generosity of you FMAIP angels we were able to get Marie a suitable dress for her upcoming quinceañera.

The photo on the left is of Marie sporting her new dress.

Marie was able to reach a treasured milestone in life thanks to the generosity of Fellowship angels!

The photo to the right is Marie with her parents.

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