This indigenous lady is Santos, 31, whose husband died of typhoid fever three years ago and left her with three children to fend for. She scratches out a meager living by doing odd jobs and errands for other village women who are better off and whose husbands are alive and well.  

 This indigenous lady is Francesca, 58, who was widowed 33 years ago when her late husband was killed during open warfare between two local towns. She lives with her 34 year old daughter, Clara, who is also a widow (7 years widowed with 2 children). They

scavenge food locally including cacti and wild vegetables. She has 15 chickens and sells their eggs, but this provides very little income. 

This indigenous lady is Benita, 25, who was widowed two years ago after losing a battle with a severe infection, possibly trichinosis and malaria. She has 2 children to support.

This indigenous lady is Victoria, 45, a widow with four (4) children. Her husband died six years ago a short time after falling from a donkey and striking his head on a large rock. Victoria hand makes tortillas which she sells in a town near her home. Her customers prefer her tortillas to those created by machines.   

There are about 15 or 16 widows in the area inhabited by the widows profiled on this webpage. $120 US dollars a month would provide enough food for these widows and their children to eat well. Some are in desperate need of a bed, shoes and

medical care. DONATE NOW

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